First Few Days of Exploration!

My first few days in Graz have been nothing less than completely overwhelming! Though I can say that I absolutely am already in love with Austria! Everything still seems quite surreal, but I feel like I’m settling in well to the austrian lifestyle!

After a good nights sleep I was pretty eager to get out the apartment to go and explore in the last of the summer sun in Graz!

Breakfast… bread roll, cheese and ham. (So full of bread already)


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The Journey!

Well what can I say!? Such a whirlwind couple of days! Though I can confirm that I successfully made my way, on three flights, just over 1000 miles, from little old North Wales, to the beautiful Austrian city of Graz!

My adventure began on Sunday evening when I made my way up to a hotel near Manchester Airport, where I was staying the night before flying out! It was such a relief doing this as it made sure there was no stressful rush to the airport in the morning! It was really worth paying for that night, because it really did give me a chance to get prepared for the next day and to have as much sleep as possible before the early start. Highly recommend doing this if you know you live a while away from the airport you are flying from, even if you are only going to be there for a matter of hours!

It has to be said that even the 4.30am alarm didn’t dampen my spirits for heading off to the airport! I think I was just so adrenaline fueled that I was ready for anything the day would throw my way!


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Packing for a year abroad!

Those of you who know me, will no doubt vouch for the fact that I am probably the worst packer ever. To give you an idea of my downfall, on my first Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition (which I should point out was a mere two days and one night), my rucksack included (no exaggeration) five (potentially six) apples (red and green, naturally), a bag (yes, I said a bag..) of satsuma oranges, endless amounts of medical supplies, and a pack of ten batteries for my digital camera, in which I was obviously planning to take hundreds of photos with, and well, I took three. All in all my bag weighed just over three stone, so when it came to packing for my year abroad, I wasn’t quite sure where to begin!

Finding my suitcases out the cellar.. good start!


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10 days to go!

Hello there!

First things first – time flies!! Seriously doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I was mid-second year back in Lancaster, thinking about how I had so much time to sort everything out for my year abroad, but now I have merely 10 days til I fly off to Graz!

I’ve been so busy preparing myself, but I can officially say that packing has commenced! Of course I won’t be able to pack absolutely everything like all my clothes until a little later, but I have made a start on some general bits and bobs anyway!


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