First Few Days of Exploration!

My first few days in Graz have been nothing less than completely overwhelming! Though I can say that I absolutely am already in love with Austria! Everything still seems quite surreal, but I feel like I’m settling in well to the austrian lifestyle!

After a good nights sleep I was pretty eager to get out the apartment to go and explore in the last of the summer sun in Graz!

Breakfast… bread roll, cheese and ham. (So full of bread already)


Pre-exploration selfie and map in hand! (Such a tourist.. ;))



First things first my map has been a life saver! It’s especially good as it shows you all the tourist spots so it has given me a lot of good suggestions for things to go and see!

First thing I found which I was really looking forward to was the Murinsel (Island in the Mur river). It is so different to any other bridge that I have ever seen, and especially with the backdrop of the old city architecture, was such an interesting mix of the old and new. It really hit me on the first day that I am actually here! It seemed so long that I was googling images of Graz and things to see and do here, and now I’m actually here! Such a bizarre feeling!



Another sight that I was so excited about was the Schlossberg and the Uhrturm. The Clock tower in Graz on top of the Schlossberg mountain is a key image or symbol of Graz, and again it was one of those places that I had seen on pictures so much and I was just so excited to finally see it in person!


There are a few different ways that you can get up to Schlossberg, either via a tram, a lift through the middle of the mountain or if you are feeling up to the exercise, you can walk up the steps!

Yesterday (Thursday) I met up with some friends here in Graz, including a friend whom I had got to know through a project at university. We had been working together for almost a year so it was just great to finally meet! We took the lift up to the Schlossberg, and walked down to the Clock tower, and again I just found it such a surreal experience. The weather has been fantastic ever since I got here on Monday, so the views over a sunny Graz (and beyond) were just amazing!


Looking down to the Hauptplatz (main square), with the town hall (So pretty!)


The Hauptplatz (main square) is a really pretty and busy place. I’ve been here a few times (probably every day so far) either on my way somewhere or meeting people. It’s a great center to the city and is full of shops (modern and traditional), cafes and ice cream shops. There are also loads of food stands in the center selling different cuisines and even little bars and fruit and veg stands. The first meal I brought from one of these stands was a Käsekrainer, which is like a cheesy sausage, sliced and with a bread roll. (Everything comes with a bread roll here) 😛 It was really good actually! Though one thing I have noticed is that even when you try and speak in German, the cashier or local person, realises that you are clearly not a native speaker and replies in English. This is kind of annoying as I didn’t come all this way to speak English! Going to have to brush up on my accent so I can fit in a bit better! All in good time!

Few snaps from my explorations!



Traditional clothing in the local shops – just loved looking at all the super expensive dirndl dresses!


Also around and about there are lots of churches which are just stunning! One of the most impressive is the Dom (Cathedral).

SAM_4208 SAM_4210


Super pretty architecture! Everywhere!! 🙂


Overall it has been a really great first few days! There is so so much more to explore, but just thought I would take today to sort my unpacking properly and I have been waiting for some more things to be delivered today! Quite nice actually just to reflect back on the few days I have had. It’s been busy, emotional (in a good way), and just surreal now that I’m finally here!

I’m so grateful to everyone I’ve got to know here, that have made me feel so welcome!

TYA Tip of the Day: If you wear a ring, check which hand/finger signifies marriage! I arrived here with my ring on my right, and my flatmate kindly informed me that here people will think I’m married! So I quickly changed to the left hand!.. Will just make sure to change it back when I get back to the UK, or else the parents will be getting a shock.. 😉

– erasmusexplorer –


4 thoughts on “First Few Days of Exploration!

  1. Catherine Gough

    Katie I am so proud of what you are doing and I can only imagine your thoughts, your worries, and mostly how your nerves are standing up to all the excitement. It all looks absolutely wonderful have a great year and enjoy it all. Love you loads Grandma xx

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