Settling into Normality!

Hallo Alle! I felt like it had been a while since we I last posted, so I thought it was time for an update! Oh the busy life of an university erasmus student with all the work …exploring 😉


Townhall Graz

No I’m kidding there is some work element involved in this year abroad lark!.. I promise! Though it would be foolish of me not to make the most of all the opportunities to do a bit of sight seeing!

I feel like I am getting into the swing of things now with university classes, in fact it is quite crazy to believe that I have been in Austria two months already! They did warn me that time would fly by, and they weren’t wrong! Although I do think I have managed to settle in well and discover some of Austria and beyond already!


Herz-Jesu Kirche Graz

My classes at university are a bit of a mix between big lectures and smaller more interactive seminar style groups. As I am a joint major with German and Linguistics, most of my classes are linguistics, translation or grammar focused, but I also have a German language class that I take extra which is the next level up from the intensive course I did before university officially started. Warning to future year abroaders, you may be used to 50 minute classes that start at 9am to 6pm latest, and this is not the case here, and I have heard the same from friends in other places too; classes can start as early as 8am (fellow students will understand this struggle) and my latest class finishes at 6.30pm. Classes here are a minimum of an hour and a half, some two hours, and I even took a class to start off with that was three hours long. You’ll be glad to know that I dropped this class; three hours of theoretical sociolinguistics all in German hurt my brain.. SO MUCH! Luckily most of my other classes I am managing to keep up with, even if I am still at the stage where my mini dictionary is probably my best friend! The German is as I like to say a working progress, but being exposed to German so constantly is of course tiring, but it really is strange how quick it has become normality. I feel like it is now going to be an effort for me to return to the UK for Christmas and try not to walk into a shop and greet them with Grüß Gott or Guten Morgen!

Apart from university, I have of course taken some time out for exploration and discovery. Earlier on in the month there was an event here called ‘Lange Nacht der Museen’ (Long Night of the Museums). This basically involved on evening, from 6pm-1am where you pay around €13 for the one ticket, which meant you could go as many museums as you could fit in the time, including the castle here in Graz! It was a really great event and a friend and I did our best to get round as much as possible, including the castle, museums at the university, and a few within the center of Graz. Though as we reached midnight, after 6 hours wondering round museums and feeling cultured, we resided to a bar (where else?!).


SAM_4946    At Schloss Eggenberg/Eggenberg Palace in Graz.


University of Graz by night
SAM_4971Museum im Palais


Flights have all been booked now for Christmas, and I am really looking forward to heading home to see family and friends. I managed to get them booked early in advance and that means I got them a lot cheaper. Again I used to search for the best flight, and I’ve managed to get a return flight and with only one change this time which is going to be a lot less stressful I think! 🙂

Also some family have booked to come and visit me here next year so I have been getting really excited about this and thinking about everything we can see and do!

Overall things are looking good! Of course there are days when all I want to do is go home and curl up on the sofa with my cat and eat roast dinners and sausage rolls and oh dear don’t get me started! Haha!

Anyway thanks for reading and following my journey! More updates soon about my trip to Vienna!

– ErasmusExplorer –


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