Festivities and Reflections

First things first, I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time! For me, Christmas meant, most importantly, going home and seeing all my family and friends! It was a brief whistle-stop tour for two weeks going here there and everywhere catching up with everyone and desperately trying to fit in as many roast dinners as was humanly possible.

It is completely insane that we have arrived in January 2015 already! I think that most my fellow year abroaders would agree in saying that this year is flying by! When you first arrive and whenever homesickness sets in, days do nothing but drag, yet after taking some time to settle, days, weeks, then months just seem to pass so incredibly quickly! Honestly I can’t even contemplate the fact that this month will mark being almost half way through my year abroad, and I feel like there is so much I still have left to discover!


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