Snowy Season Ramblings!

Good evening dear readers, fellow year abroaders and those who have curiously stumbled upon my travelers tales.

Well January certainly flew by! Quite like the rest of the time has since being here! Yet it was a pretty hectic month; settling back into Austrian life and oh just the small matter of 5 exams within the space of about a week. Which let’s be honest didn’t really go as planned. One exam I turned up for expecting a written exam and then found out it was a speaking exam, one I turned up for a day late, and one I’m not entirely sure I knew the right answer for any question at all. The conclusion I have come to is that exams and I are often not a particularly great mix, yet I gave it my best shot! Which I’ve learnt is just about all you can do as a bemused Erasmus student!

Though I guess it wasn’t all so tragic; my B2.2 German course that I took in the semester was finished off with a written and oral exam, and in the end I passed, so I will be continuing to a C1 intensive course for the rest of this month..wish me luck! (So much for a pre-summer semester break!).


Apart from all the hectic exam antics, it really hasn’t been so hard to settle back into Austrian life. In fact, after only being back in the UK over Christmas for two weeks, I felt like I didn’t have enough time to fully get integrated back home before having to hop back on the plane to Graz. In a way this was probably a good thing, not to get too comfortable with all the comforts of home!SAM_6102

Graz has been an absolute winter wonderland the past week or so, and I have been somewhat distracted by walking around and about the city snapping the snowy scenes.


A big welcome is also in need for a fellow Lancastrian and dearest friend, who has joined me here in Graz for the second half of year abroad! After picking her up from the airport, we have spent the last couple of days having a well overdue catch up and I have been a personal tour guide, showing her all the sights of the city! I’m so looking forward to having a familiar face around, and I have no doubt we will be exploring more places in Austria in the near future, once she is fully settled in.


I can’t particularly say that the new year has brought any particular resolutions along for me. I’m not the kind of person who is going to say that I will commit to wild and wonderful exercise regimes, or fad diets – instead I’ve opted for a few more general life decisions – to be more optimistic, to get to know more people, and to make the most of every single opportunity that life throws at me. The way I see it, life so far, has brought me to happily living and studying in Austria; getting to see so many new places and meeting people from close to home, to all over the globe. So in reality, I must be doing something right! Many people won’t get the opportunity to do anything like this, so it really has dawned on me that I have to make most of it, no matter how much Austrian German I may or may not still understand!

As I said February is going to be pretty intense with my C1 German course, and then the new semester will bring new classes and I’m sure new challenges. Yet I have no doubt that I will be filling more weekends with spontaneous trips out and about! It feels like there are so many places I have yet to tick off my list!


‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.’
Robert Frost


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