Spring time

Evening, well kind of morning. It seems I am the kind of person that gets strange creative urges to write at 1am. Standard.

Anyhow, welcome one and all. Grab a cuppa’ and let’s delve a little into the tales and trivialities of the past few weeks.


First things first, it’s March… (*shocked face to which fellow year abroaders I believe will empathise with*) and that means that here in Österreich a new semester has officially begun. Unlike in Lancaster where most classes run through the whole of the year, here everything changes for the Summer semester, meaning new classes, new material, new rooms; all in all rather a clean slate. Winter semester has been done and gone, apart from the resit exams for a couple of lectures next month (oopsie).

This semester my classes are again a bit of a mix, most importantly got my C1 German language class, and then my other lectures are on everything from the history and geography of Austria, to media linguistics and language disorders in the brain. That’s one of the positives about studying abroad, having so much freedom with classes you take and getting to look into areas in which you might not have the chance to otherwise. Admittedly, yes, lectures can still at times be a bit of a nightmare, and realistically my electronic translator is my best friend. Unsurprisingly, words like temporal lobe or pre-frontal cortex aren’t the kind of words that I’ve happened to come across before now in the vocabulary realm of my German classes.

*Right it’s now 2am, my ramblings will have to continue in the morning, otherwise I may wake up in a few hours with a keyboard melded to my face….*


Morning all. Anyhow so we continue.. Aside from the day to day routine of meandering through lectures, it seems that spring is making an appearance. (Yay!) I mean, of course the snow was lovely, but I’m rather enjoying the fact that I don’t have to stand at the bus stop with a scarf round my face. That’s one thing though I love about Austria, actual seasons, and also I think this is just because I’m from the UK that I think this, but it literally never rains here. It rained a couple of weeks ago and I was legitimately telling people that it made me feel rather at home. They thought I had lost it. But no, I’m just British.

Towards the end of February I explored a little out of Graz, making the most of cheap transport, beautiful surroundings and my new camera. Slowly becoming a bit of a photography nerd.


Villach, Drava River.

Last week, a couple of friends and I headed for a rather cultured Venetian-style evening at the Opera in Graz. We went to see Othello and although it was all sung in Italian and with German subtitles, I managed to follow fairly well due to having studied the play before. Othello is something I studied for A-Level English literature and it in fact inspired my choice to study linguistics alongside German as part of my degree, so it was rather an interesting experience to be sitting there three years later watching it for real whilst on my year abroad. Strange how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?!





Right I best be off anyway, I have a lecture to get to. Such fun! Easter is approaching which means many exciting things! Firstly a friend and I have planned a 5 day extravaganza of a trip venturing south to Slovenia and Croatia, and after that I have family coming over to visit and I’m going to have to chance to show them round and experience a little of what I now consider to be my second home. Woohoo!

More updates to come soon!

Bis später,


– erasmusexplorer –


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