Spring, Snow & Skifahren

First things first. Time flies. How did we get to march already. I’m somewhat perplexed at the notion that in two months it will almost be time for the summer break. It feels like so many things have been going on and falling into place the past few weeks that it’s been a little frantic, yet I’m once more pleased to be able to say it’s a good frantic feeling!

Now it’s time for a little throwback of what’s been going on the past couple of months pre-the appearance of spring…

Firstly, though it may seem like a while ago now, let me tell you about the snowy wonder, the picture-perfect gem that is Hallstatt.

In just over two and a half hours from Graz we were transported to what felt like a different world. Truly, it could well have been green-screened like some crazy Disney-world-esque virtual reality experience. Austria just never fails to stun me with it’s beauty, just when I think I’ve seen it all. We arrived at Hallstatt station and were greeted by the glistening lake and a view across the lake to the town which was donned in a white blanket of fresh snow, which was so beautiful and perfect. And yes across the lake! It soon came to our attention that in order to reach the town we were to follow the medieval tradition of taking a boat over to the other side. It was lovely though and it added to the mystical other-worldly-ness of the entire day.


Usually a bustling tourist hotspot, Hallstatt in its mid-winter state, was, in fact, eerily quiet. Many shops and cafes were closed up for the winter and most of the people there were visiting to go on snowy mountain hikes in the area. I was going to say that’s not specifically what we were going for, yet our casual walk turned into attempting to follow a trail, ending up being knee-deep in snow, falling face first into said snow, many times, and ended with falling/slipping/sliding/sledging without a sledge back down into the town. All in all resulted in a lot of cry-laughing and soggy snow-covered clothes.



Hallstatt was a perfect little snowy day out, and despite the fact that it did get a little ghost-town kind of feeling towards the end of the day, it was beautiful regardless. I’m definitely going to have to go back in summer and hopefully make it further up the mountain trail before sliding half the way back down!

In other news I also had the chance to tick off a new year’s resolution and for the first time ever I put on a brave face (90% of the time) and went skiing… It was quite possibly..The Scariest. Experience. Of. My. Life. Yet it is also up there with one of the funniest, so the trauma is kind of balanced out at least! The day started with no plan at all, we hired skis and got on the chair-lift and went up the mountain in search of a kids learning area. Yes, we were possibly the most ill-informed first time skiers of all time. I’d barely made it off the chairlift before ending up in a heap with many pro-austrian skiers looking over as if to say, ‘literally what is this person doing!?’ Things progressed, we’d been skiing/falling/getting stuck/definitely not actually skiing for approximately half an hour. And, well, long story short. Kids area closed. Only alternative. An actual slope, that was actually pretty steep. Resulted in getting mildly stuck on the side of the mountain and having to be brought down on a snowmobile by the mountain rescue. = *death by  embarrassment*. Hence in the afternoon, we booked for a last minute private lesson. So in the end it turned out better and left me feeling pretty eager to be able to book for a longer time and get learning!


Now we have arrived in March it seems the winter time is slowly coming to a close, which means we are finally enjoying some spring sun and basking in the tropic like temperatures as they return to double figures! Yay!

In other news all is going well! Still! And over the next few weeks there are some fun things planned, trips, jobs and just so much to look forward to in general! More news soon about all things österreichisch and wonderful.


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