Where have I been?!

Wow. Literally. I’m almost embarrassed at the fact that it’s taken me this long to get back to writing an update. I guess life got busy quite suddenly! So much seems to have happened in the past few weeks that I can barely seem to recall everything.

The only reason I seem to be able to fathom right now is, that at first this was a year abroad blog, documenting just a small portion of my life that I wanted to treasure and remember all the amazing experiences I had. Yet now that this year abroad is somewhat pushing the boundaries of that, it’s become more peculiar, as I now feel like I’m documenting my actual life, not just a bounded year of crazy antics.

Some may not know that I have in fact decided to extend my contract teaching English here in Graz for a further year, and alongside that I’ve also decided to begin studying again, so in october I will be starting my masters degree in Translation and Interpreting. I feel like this is all part of laying my foundations here; I’ve began to feel so settled that I truly can’t imagine a life elsewhere. Many people ask how do I live so far from home or how can I function using another language, but actually it’s become a home and I feel lucky to be able to say I have two homes now. It’s a feeling that I know many others who have spent time abroad could vouch for, I found a happy place and I intend to see where life takes me here!

The past few weeks/months have been a mix of work, trips out and about, new jobs and all dashed with fun and making memories! At easter time the family came out to Austria and we met in the beautiful city of Innsbruck to explore the Tirolean wilderness. The city itself is an absolute gem; so stereotypically what you would expect of Austria! Surrounded by snow capped mountains, made up of small side streets with traditional bakeries and gasthauses shipping out schnitzel and strudel by the boatload and filled with sounds of yodelling, music and that delightful tyrolean dialect which took a good while for my ears to adjust to hearing. Highlight of the trip had to be the view from the top of the Hafelekarspitze mountain. The weather cleared right up and we could see for miles and miles, it was just perfect.



Another long bank holiday weekend also resulted in hopping over the border to Slovenia to the city of Maribor. I’d previously been there on a trip when I was here last time, but seen as the sun was out and it was only a matter of an hour trip, a friend and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to hop on the train and make a day out of it! Maribor itself isn’t the biggest city by any means, yet it’s the perfect little size for beers by the river, enjoying good food and enjoying some slovene sunshine. Truly lovely!


Over the past few weeks many things seem to have all fallen into place with regards to summer and beyond! I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to turn out for summer, yet after some sorting, planning and applying it seems things have turned out better than expected. I managed to secure a job with another language school for summer where I will be teaching English to a range of ages and abilities, and then also fixed a placement in a translation company which I’m hoping will give me a good grounding for starting my masters too! I’ll be back on UK ground for July, which I hope to fill with lots of catch ups and relaxing time back in my Welsh homeland!

More updates will follow as and when! Ciao for now!