Easter Travels: Zagreb -> Ljubljana -> Klagenfurt!

Good afternoon dear readers. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa’ – let’s talk travel!

In all honesty I used to freak out a little even at the prospect of trying to plan train journeys even just within the UK. The very essence of the British rail systems only too often means paying a fortune, yet still resulting in delays or ending up with a group of drunks serenading the entire carriage. I guess in a way it made me wary about how it would be when travelling abroad. However travelling within Austria (and beyond) has become somewhat of a joy. Decent prices, clean and well-staffed trains, and more often than not, actually on time. All in all we could do with taking a leaf out of their book.

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Spring time

Evening, well kind of morning. It seems I am the kind of person that gets strange creative urges to write at 1am. Standard.

Anyhow, welcome one and all. Grab a cuppa’ and let’s delve a little into the tales and trivialities of the past few weeks.


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Alpine Adventures: Kitzbühel & Zell am See

After assuming the whole of February would be taken up by my C1 German course, I hadn’t really made any plans to do anything else, yet after finding out it had been cancelled due to lack of participants, I knew that I had to get out of Graz and explore somewhere else for a few days! A fellow Lancastrian Helen (find her year abroad blog here – https://abientotbritain.wordpress.com/) is currently working as a language assistant in Kitzbühel, so I decided I would pop along and see a little of what western Austria had to offer!

Also Griaß di’ zusammen! Don your Lederhosen and hop on your skis – Wilkommen in Tirol.


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Snowy Season Ramblings!

Good evening dear readers, fellow year abroaders and those who have curiously stumbled upon my travelers tales.

Well January certainly flew by! Quite like the rest of the time has since being here! Yet it was a pretty hectic month; settling back into Austrian life and oh just the small matter of 5 exams within the space of about a week. Which let’s be honest didn’t really go as planned. One exam I turned up for expecting a written exam and then found out it was a speaking exam, one I turned up for a day late, and one I’m not entirely sure I knew the right answer for any question at all. The conclusion I have come to is that exams and I are often not a particularly great mix, yet I gave it my best shot! Which I’ve learnt is just about all you can do as a bemused Erasmus student!

Though I guess it wasn’t all so tragic; my B2.2 German course that I took in the semester was finished off with a written and oral exam, and in the end I passed, so I will be continuing to a C1 intensive course for the rest of this month..wish me luck! (So much for a pre-summer semester break!).

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Festivities and Reflections

First things first, I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time! For me, Christmas meant, most importantly, going home and seeing all my family and friends! It was a brief whistle-stop tour for two weeks going here there and everywhere catching up with everyone and desperately trying to fit in as many roast dinners as was humanly possible.

It is completely insane that we have arrived in January 2015 already! I think that most my fellow year abroaders would agree in saying that this year is flying by! When you first arrive and whenever homesickness sets in, days do nothing but drag, yet after taking some time to settle, days, weeks, then months just seem to pass so incredibly quickly! Honestly I can’t even contemplate the fact that this month will mark being almost half way through my year abroad, and I feel like there is so much I still have left to discover!


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It feels like it has been a while since I last posted, so thought that I would give you an update of what’s been going on!

First and foremost I have already started counting down the days till I get on that plane and head home for Christmas break! 24 days to go! I am even putting my advent calendar to alternative use in order to count down the days till I leave! Yes, I am 20 years old, and yes I still have an advent calendar. No matter what your age, who could deny a chocolate treat alongside a morning cup of tea!?

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